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Sethís Ultimate Guide to Anal Intercourse for Women
This tutorial is for all of you who kept asking about anal intercourse. I finally got busy
and put something together. I am hoping this will help you out on your sexual journey and
that the information I provide for you here will prove useful. Those of you who have been
here before will notice that this article doesnít look the same as it once did. I was on a roll
and decided that it needed some revamping. So here we are again. I have also received
suggestions and ideas from my visitors that I have tried to include here as well so that I
might provide you with the best information possible.
Iím sure that youíve all heard the jokes that end something like this "If sex is a pain in
the ass then youíre doing it wrong". Believe it or not it does have some bearing on this
tutorial. Anal intercourse should not be painful.
Lack of preparation is probably the single biggest turn-off about anal intercourse. A
typical scenario goes something like so. The couple decide to attempt anal intercourse but
are not really fully prepared for it, he tries to push into her anus without much warning, she
screams in shock and agony and ends up throwing herself away from the offending member
and hits her head on the headboard. Thatís the end of anal sex in their relationship.
With the proper preparations anal intercourse can not only be as safe as any other kind
of sex, but at least as enjoyable if not more so than just regular intercourse. The anus can
be a very erogenous zone and it contains more nerve endings than any other part of the
body except for the clitoris. That said, I will also throw in my usual, this doesnít necessarily
work for everyone comment. Some will find it enjoyable and others wonít.

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