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Exotic Sex Positions
If you want to learn the techniques, first, you have to notice what your orgasm reflex is.
Just observe it a few times (ten or more times) and pay attention to how it works. (You
might want to do this while masturbating, as it could prove distracting to a partner.)
Especially, notice that there is a brief moment at the onset of orgasm when you are
consciously aware that it is about to occur but it has not yet become inevitable.
That's where you will later spend your time. In the typical orgasm (both male and female)
there are 8 to 25 muscular contractions. Women may have more than men; how many
you have will vary at times. Get to know how many contractions you usually experience.
(For instance, my usual number is 18-20; it's never fewer, but sometimes more, and that
has not changed in 30 years).
Now, rather than "suppressing" an orgasm, try to let one or two contractions happen and
then relax. If you can learn to let one or two waves of orgasmic contractions occur and
then relax by breathing slowly, and being attentive, and letting your abdominal muscles
go limp (NOT by trying to think of something else to "distract" yourself), then you can
learn to repeat this over and over again.
Imagine yourself at the edge of a wave of pleasure, a wave which does not break over and
run onto the shore. You can practice this with a partner or while masturbating. It's easier
with a partner, because he or she can hold you at the wave-edge, gently changing position
and thus slowing you from going into the stage of involuntary pelvic thrusts you have
been trying to "suppress." While you are learning to ride the wave-edge, take turns with
your partner.

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